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Thrive Pork Pancreas 100g
Thrive Pork Pancreas 100g

Thrive Pork Pancreas 100g

Big Country Raw

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Pancreatic enzymes have an important role in digestion. The pancreas is responsible for the production of lipase (breaks fat molecules), protease (breaks down proteins) and amylase (processes carbohydrates). Freeze dried pork pancreas is an excellent bioavailable source of these digestive enzymes. 

Thrive Pork Pancreatic Enzyme Supplement is a substitute for the natural enzymes that are normally produced by the pancreas. These enzymes complete the digestive process.

For dogs with already damaged or diseased pancreas, offering freeze dried pancreas as a regular supplement to the raw food diet is essential to preventing future attacks. Historically dogs ate the entire digestive tract of their prey including the pancreas which contains an abundance of naturally occurring digestive enzymes including amylase, lipase and proteases.

Comes in a convenient powder in 100g tub

Analysis shown per 100g as fed

  • Protein     67%
  • Fat            24%
  • Moisture  1%
  • Ash           5%


Recommended Daily Dosage: 1/4 tsp per 20 lb. body weight split between meals. 1.2g / tsp For maximum freshness, Pork Pancreas should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light, and added to the food at time of serving.
Lipase 26,800 USP/g

Protease 93,000 USP/g

Amylase 121,000 USP/g



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