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About Us

I'd like to Welcome you to Poochie Moochie. Dogs are my passion. I love everything about them. Their loyal unconditional love is a gift to us. Blessed are we that have them in our lives and the lives of our families. Just like you are, I also love to spoil them and will go to any lengths to give them what they need to be healthy and happy. It's that desire that has led me to making this website. There are so many choices out there, everyday it seems there are new foods, treats, training tools, etc on the market. I strive to provide brands from responsible manufacturers that are mostly Canadian made or USA made. I have had dogs in our family that have suffered from many aliments and I have seen them improve or be cured by the quality of what they eat & what they treat. 

Food is one thing, but then there is also quality aides like superior harnesses, sturdy leashes, durable collars, and also fun accessories. Toys serve not only your dog or cats entertainment but are also a source of enjoyment for us the fur baby parents. I could watch a dog with a chew toy for hours. Oh how I wish I could shut off my busy mind like that and just be in the moment.

I hope you will give me feedback on what things you'd like me to carry and will give me the opportunity to hear your stories and see pictures of your pets.

Welcome and Thank you for stopping in to Poochie Moochie