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Raw Alternates - Dehydrated Food

MORE COMING SOON ... Dehydrated and Freeze Dried Food Options for Raw Alternatives are currently being researched for which ones pass our stringent quality requirements. 

Poochie Moochie is passionate about Raw food for dogs & cats. This passion is a result of personal experience of Lori seeing her Jack Russell be healed by a raw diet. Casey had severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease. She was on strong steroids, antibiotics, specialized veterinarian kibble or soft diets.  Despite Lori trying everything she was told to do, Casey's health declined to the point of knowing that her dog was going to die. 

Then one day a lady came into Lori's other business Aquarium Illusions. She had a Jack Russell with her. This dog was a picture of health! Of course, Lori's first question is my JR is so sick, how is yours so healthy. The lady proceeded tell Lori that her dog was raw fed. Now this was about 20 years ago! Lori had never heard of raw diet before. That night Lori started Casey on raw. Within the next 30 days Casey went through a detox. She had runny eyes, her hair looked terrible with a new level of dryness and sparseness.  BUT after 30 days things started to change drastically for the better. Casey's eyes were clear & sparkly, her poops started to be normal, no more bloating, she had energy, her hair filled in and became smooth & shiny. AND, she was completely weaned off prescription drugs!

From that date forward, Casey never saw the Veterinarian again in her years for digestive issues. Every dog since, Lori has fed raw from day one. Since then, this passion just continues to grow as we see other sweet dogs have their health conditions improve or clear up completely with just the change to raw.

For this reason, Poochie Moochie has made the decision to not sell kibble and dedicate store space to more freezers.

Dehydrated food will be an area we will continue to explore more. Lori researches food carefully before bringing it in.  Currently the dehydrated food we carry is Trek by Big Country Raw. 



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