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Kibble or Dehydrated Food

Not all dry or kibble food is created equal. The package labeling can be very confusing and the package images can actually be deceiving. At Poochie Moochie we have trained to decipher the meaning of nutrient panels. We look for real fresh human grade sourced meat ingredients, the least damaging of cooking processes that allow for the maximum natural nutrients to be retained, organic ingredients, no hormones, no antibiotics, no ingredients from rendering facilities, no byproducts, little to no synthetic vitamins and only Canadian or Europe manufacturing. Canadian because our kibble choices are sourced and made in Canada. Europe because the EU regulations for dog food is the most regulated in the world. There are many choices, but we are only choosing to carry those that we feel are the best. We do not believe in byproducts, overuse of meals, carcinogenic preservatives, synthetic vitamins, ingredients sourced from China or India, the use of unhealthy animals, and high carbs.

Dogs need protein and we feel we need to protect the quality & source of the protein we feed our dogs. Dogs get their energy from protein and fat, we want them to have the best quality of both. 

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