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Why Raw?

Our pets are just like us, what we fuel our bodies with is directly related to our health. Eating fresh foods is always better than overly processed food, this is true for all living animals. Dogs & cats may seem to be doing great on their commercial kibble diets, but they will not thrive like they will on a low carb, quality protein diet. Raw frozen food retains its natural nutrient content without being destroyed by high heat or cooking methods. If I were to use this analogy, if you ate hot dogs and macaroni every day, you would still function but you would not be as strong & vibrant as you would if you ate fresh whole foods. As a result of lacking diet, you may have autoimmune issues, digestive issues, joint pain, and the list goes on. Our dogs & cats are no different. If you were to consult a Holistic Vet, I'm sure they would concur that a high carb processed food diet is a huge contributing factor to the increased cancer rate in companion animals.
If you are curious about improving your dogs or cats diet, I have included some most often asked topics for your review. I realize there is always lots of questions and doing your research is alway a good thing and I encourage you to do so. 

Here is my Raw Story:  About 18 years ago I had a very sick Jack Russell. She was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel disease. She often suffered with red itchy ears, as well had epilepsy. The Vets tried their conventional approaches of oral steroids, ear drops, seizure meds, colonoscopes, X-rays, bland diets, veterinary kibble diets, etc with no positive changes. It got to the point that we knew her days were numbered. Despite doing everything the Veterinarians recommended we all knew our girl was dying. My heart was breaking and watching her suffer was pure agony.
Then one day a lady came into my shop with the most healthy looking Jack Russell I had ever seen. I immediately asked her how her dog was so healthy. I don't even know how to explain this dog, but he had bounce in his step and his coat was so beautiful.  She proceeded to tell me that she fed raw fresh food, I had never heard of that before.  I went out that day and bought frozen raw dog food as she told me to do. Over the next month we saw Casey go through a sort of detox, but about 30 days later we started seeing some real incredible changes in her. She was transforming before our eyes! No more bloody poops, her fur started to glisten, her eyes started to have life in them, her energy levels where at all time high, her bloating was gone, her seizures had stopped. With the Vets direction, she got weaned off the steroids and we never looked backed. For the rest of her life, she never had another Vet visit for digestive issues. I kept her on a very insignificant dose of the anti seizure meds because I was so scared to have her cluster again. The Vet noted that the dose was so low that it might not be influencing the epilepsy at all.  I believe that the fresh diet was also playing a factor in holding the seizure activity at bay.
My Vet saw too with his own eyes how the fresh raw diet changed her outcome for the best. He respected my decision and continued to treat her as needed for yearly check ups or if she hurt herself doing something silly like Jack Russells tend to do.
So you can see, It's hard to not be passionate about the benefits of raw fresh pet food when you've literally seen your beloved pet return to health with a mere change to fresh food diet. From that day, every dog I have is fed raw from puppyhood. Healthy fresh raw food has kept our pets at their optimum health and I hope as you learn about feeding fresh you too will see the enormous benefits for your dog or cat.

I'm here to support you and answer your questions, call me anytime.
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