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Managing IBD in Dogs & Cats: The Natural Way

      Inflammatory Bowel Disease is caused by chronic inflammation in your dog or cat’s GI tract which leads to the prevention of nutrition absorption. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach/abdominal pain and weight loss. 

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) has similar symptoms but is a chronic syndrome that occurs in episodes and fortunately is more rare. IBD is a chronic disease which requires lifelong treatment. 

IBD is a condition that occurs when the pet’s small intestines or the mucosal lining becomes irritated due to the presence of an abnormally large amount of inflammatory cells. This interferes with the mucosal lining’s ability to digest and absorb food. 

Kibble is loaded with fillers and contains high amounts of carbohydrates which can trigger inflammation in our pets body. Furthermore kibble is sterile, meaning they contain no live enzymes or probiotics. Sterility kills off the beneficial bacteria. If animals aren’t replenishing the beneficial bacteria in the gut then pathogenic bacteria can start to colonize. An unbalanced gut is the root of over 80% of health issues. 

How do you cure IBD?

Well you actually can't but you CAN manage it! 

First let’s go over why we don’t recommend the conventional Veterinarian treatment. A hydrolyzed protein diet, immunosuppressants and steroids are the most common courses of treatments. While these may help in symptoms, it doesn’t address and fix the root cause. Your pet will likely have to be on these expensive specialized diets and medication for the rest of their life. Which can lead to a decline in their long term health. 

We do not claim that a raw diet “cures” IBD, but feeding dogs and cats a high-quality fresh meat-and-organ-based diet their digestive systems are designed to metabolize, enables those systems to return to physiological balance.

Gut soothe by Adored Beast would be recommended alongside the new diet because it contains slippery elm which is clinically proven to soothe and protect your dogs intestines and stomach from irritation.  It also contains a base of Love Bug's which is a probiotic that will balance the healthy gut bacteria and enhance the immune response of the digestive tract. Probiotics will also help your dog digest food, make and absorb vitamins and minerals.

Lastly Liver tonic by Adored Beast is highly recommended, in most cases if the inflammation is severe the liver and pancreas may also become inflamed. Liver tonic works by regenerating healthy liver cells and boosting the organ's ability to filter toxins from the blood. It also contains Dandelion root which supports bile secretion and healthy digestion and helps to fight inflammation!

Here at Poochie Moochie Edmonton we believe that the key to preventing and treating a number of illnesses is providing them with a diet that is all natural with no preservatives or fillers. 

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Contact us here for more tips on managing your dogs healthcare with their food! 


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