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Managing Pancreatitis in dogs

Pancreatitis is a very severe disease that causes vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen, fever, weakness and lethargy. It is potentially life threatening so a trip to the vet is much needed. We're here to provide ways on how to manage pancreatitis for the rest of your pup's life. 

The pancreas has a very important job as it is responsible for secreting insulin and regulating it, as well as producing digestive enzymes. 

Pancreatitis in dogs often occur due to a diet which is high in carbohydrates and void of digestive enzymes, which can be a direct result of feeding kibble as it is void of live enzymes (due to the heat used whilst cooking). This requires the pancreas to produce an unnatural abundance of the digestive enzymes. Another factor could be stress in environment, or genetics.

So how can you manage your pet's pancreatitis and avoid another attack? 

Switching to a raw protein diet which is low in fat such as Turkey, Chicken, Kangaroo, Rabbit or a Fish dinner. Feeding a diet which is high in fat will trigger another attack, more so now, as the pancreas is already weakened and susceptible to another attack. You should also be careful when feeding treats, a lot of pet treats are high in fat and fillers. Feeding single ingredients treats such as Great Jack's freeze dried raw chicken is great, as they only contain chicken. An option for a low fat chew are Unbelievabulls, which is the inner lining of a cow's cheek, it also lasts a fairly long time!  

Including a digestive enzyme supplement such as Thrive Bovine Pancreatic Enzyme, will make up for what the pancreas can no longer produce. It contains 100% freeze dried bovine pancreas which will help as it aids with pancreatic enzyme deficiency and glucose metabolism. Secondly, Adored Beast Healthy Gut will help to soothe the gut while also helping to rebalance proper growing conditions for flora which is a beneficial bacteria. Healthy gut also contains Papain which helps to break down proteins and improves digestion issues.

Come into Poochie Moochie Edmonton for help on managing your dogs healthcare! Or contact us here for any further questions. 

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