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How to boost the nutrition of your dog or cat's kibble!


     Here at Poochie Moochie Edmonton we exclusively sell raw because we believe that natural fresh foods can significantly decrease and assist in a lot of major diseases such as IBD, Pancreatitis, kidney disease, cancer etc. 

Feeding raw isn't always an option for everyone and that's okay! There are still way's to provide your dog or cat with extra nutrition that will help them thrive!

1. Adored Beast Healthy Gut

Adored Beast Healthy Gut is a probiotic with the addition of digestive enzymes! Enzymes greatly improve digestion and promote gut health. It brings the kibble nutrient absorption from 40% to 80-95%!

Kibble diets are sterile which means they contain no probiotics. Sterility also kills off the beneficial bacteria. If an animal isn’t replenishing the beneficial bacteria in the gut then pathogenic bacteria can start to colonize which can contribute to a range of health conditions. Probiotics will not only help your pet digest food, make and absorb vitamins and minerals but it will also rebalance and cultivate proper growing conditions for friendly gut flora which will boost the immune system!

2. Moisture

On average kibble only contains 6-10% moisture! Making sure your pet is hydrated is imperative to preventing health issues such as kidney disease, bladder infections or UTIs. A pet’s digestive tract is very short so by hydrating the kibble it gives them a better chance at absorbing nutrients!

You can just use water but if you want to boost the nutritional value Bone Broth is excellent because it’s full of vitamins, nutrients and protein! It also has the healthy benefit of collagen which is a natural supplement that helps lubricate and protect connective tissues which support the hips and joints! Bone broth also prevents and fixes leaky gut. Leaky Gut is when there is inflammation in the intestinal tract that allows bacteria and toxins to leak through into the bloodstream. Collagen can help tighten these junctions.

Goat’s Milk is another excellent option, it is a natural pre/probiotic powerhouse! It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and high in essential nutrients such as

  • Calcium (healthy bones)
  • Riboflavin (metabolizes fats & carbohydrates)
  • Vitamin B12 (pancreatic maintenance) 
  • Magnesium (All bodily functions including mood)
  • Iron (Red blood cell production)
  • Selenium and Zinc (Thyroid function and immune system)
  • Potassium (great antacid to help your pet maintain the right pH throughout their digestive system)

3. Fish oils

Kibble contains fish oil but as soon as you open the bag the oils start to oxidize, causing it to go rancid over time. Fish oils are a dietary source of Omega 3’s and also aid with their skin, coat, organs and brain development! We carry Big Country Raw Salmon Oil, Herring Oil & Hemp seed oil

Read more about the importance of fish oils here.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Providing fresh fruits and vegetables to your dog provides them with an array of fiber, minerals, antioxidants and phyto-nutrients which aren’t found in meat. Fruit and veggie Side Dishes by Big Country Raw are a convenient way of giving your dog a good variety, simply scoop a teaspoon into your dogs bowl, it also contains kelp, barley & wheatgrass! 

5. Raw or lightly cooked eggs

Eggs are high in protein and full of Vitamin A to protect vision and is a healthy fatty acid for the heart, they also work as a natural anti-allergenic to alleviate allergy symptoms! Dog’s can eat every part of the egg including the egg membrane which is the small thin layer inside the egg. It is a source of glycosaminoglycans which supports healthy bone and joint function! They can even eat the egg shell which is an excellent source of calcium! Keep in mind that grocery store eggs are processed more and are even sprayed with a chemical that makes them look shiny, the best place to get eggs are from a local farmers market or pet stores like us that carry raw quail eggs.

6. Freeze dried raw topper

A freeze dried raw topper is something you can add to your pet’s bowl that gives a boost of nutrition in every bite! Beef liver specifically is high in Vitamin A, Copper & Iron. Salmon treats are another way of getting Omega-3’s in their diet. Chicken & Turkey are high in protein and low in fat making it a great option for dogs on a diet.

7. Raw bones

Raw bones are a great chew that can keep your pet physically and mentally stimulated while cleaning their teeth due to the naturally occurring enzymes that break down plaque! The meat, and cartilage from raw bones are also packed with calcium, protein, collagen and trace minerals!

If you're local we'd love to see you and help you tailor a diet that works for your dog or cat! If you're not please feel free to contact us here with any nutritional questions or follow us on social media @ Poochiemoochieinc

Thanks for reading!

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