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Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings
Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings
Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings
Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings
Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings Walkee Paws NEW DELUXE Boot Leggings

Walkee Paws DELUXE Suspender Boots S/M

Walkee Paws

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Welcome to the NEW Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings!

Fetching features include:

  • NEW Molded TPE rubber boots to mirror your dog's paw shape. Waterproof, ergonomically shaped, TPE-molded booties that offer an even better fit and flexibility. TPE is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can withstand heat up to 302°F and cold down to -40°F.
  • New Cotton-lined boots for comfort, insulation, and durability. Helps prevent nail tears and provides an extra barrier from cold weather.
  • No-fuss leg openings. featuring smooth seams so nails don't get caught.
  • NEW detachable elastic collar connector that attaches to your dog’s harness or collar for a stay-on fit. 
  • NEW heart connector. Now with a stronger grip to keep back leggings securely in place.
  • Right, Left and Back labels for a better fit. This way, you know exactly which legging to slip on each paw. We suggest locating just the right front boot before placing the leggings over your pup’s back - this will make sure all leggings go on the correct leg. 

Plus still featuring other original features: 

  • Over-the-back connector to ensure you never lose a dog boot again! Allows you to customize the legging height on both front and back legs.
  • Water-resistant legging fabric to protect your pup's legs, too!
  • Cushioned back piece to provide more canine comfort and prevent fur from catching. 
Plus each pair of Deluxe Easy-On Boot Leggings comes packed in a new eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard! The packaging even has a convenient QR code to scan for instructions.  Note:  The moulded soft boot gives your dog a more natural feel and comfortable walk. It is important to keep your dog's nails trimmed so not to poke holes in the toes of the boots. Do not walk your dog on gravel or sharp surfaces. 


Thanks to the TPE molded booties on our Deluxe edition, sizing is different from our standard Walkee Paws leggings. The boots should fit snugly, so if you've bought them before you’ll likely need to size down

Size                        Paw Width                                        Height
                                in inches                in cm                 in inches            in cm

XS-Short   1" - 1 1/2"       2.5cm - 3.8cm     11"                 25.4 cm
XS-Tall   1" - 1 1/2".      2.5cm - 3.8cm     16"                40.6 cm
S/M   + 1 1/2"- 2"     3.8cm - 5.1cm     21"                53.3 cm
L   + 2" - 2 1/2"    5.1cm - 6.3cm     28"               71.1 cm

Please call Poochie Moochie if you have any questions about sizing or how to measure.


Please watch the video on how to put Walkee Paws on your dog

"Tips & Tricks" for a Better Fit for our Boot Leggings:
  • Curious, did you watch our brief ADJUSTABLE Fit "how to fit" video tutorial? Refer to Tab called "Video of Putting Them on"
    • This helps ensure proper placement and fitting your dog according to our guidelines.
  • I've attached a picture that shows how the leggings should appear on your dog.
    • Specifically, look at the longest part of the legging compared to the scooped/shorter part of the legging and where they are located on the dog. Fit and comfort are important to get your dog acclimated to their new leggings more quickly. 
      • FrontPaws = widest part of leg strap is on the inside part of the leg - behind the knee joint
      • Back Paws = widest part of leg strap is on the inside part of the leg - fitting over the knee joint
  Here are some "tips and tricks" we have found to be helpful when getting a better fit:
  • If you place a harness over them it helps them stay in place
  • Did you put the R marked boot on the right foot, L on left foot and the 2 marked B on the back legs. 
  • Use the optional attachment to attach to the collar or harness for an extra point of attachment. It is located on the front attachment and looks like a thin elastic with a plastic clip
  • Attach your leash to both the metal ring on your Walkee Paws and your dog's collar or harness
  • Make sure the black stopper is by the shoulders and you tighten the back legs as much as possible
  • Play around with the heart connector by positioning it in different places on your dog's back...all dogs have different anatomies so the heart on some works best by the lower back and on others it works best closer to the black stopper
  • If you feel the black stopper is not holding well - you can tie a knot in the loop to keep it in place - Watch the for video under Tab called What to Do with Excess Straps
  • Gather the legging all the way down to the boot, slip paw all the way into the boot, and gently pull the fabric up the leg (similar to hosiery); repeat the same for the remaining 3 legs. 
  • Once the boot and legging are in place - slide your thumbs down the side of the legging, lift the leg slightly, and give a little "shaky shake" to get the paw all the way down in the boot (similar to a onesie); repeat the same for remaining 3 legs



Walkee Paw Policy is that items cannot be returned if worn outside and we suggest you try the item on your dog inside to ensure the fit is pawfect and the dog adapts to them prior to wearing them outside. If packaging, labels are not intact, or boots are not in new clean condition, return will not be accepted (please remove hair from boots prior to returning or exchanging



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