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Green Juju Freeze Dried Blend Just Greens 1.75oz
Green Juju Freeze Dried Blend Just Greens 1.75oz

Green Juju Freeze Dried Blend Just Greens

Green Juju

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Inspired by our popular Just Greens Blend, this freeze-dried version makes it easier to feed healthy. Plus, by popular demand, we’ve added nettles to bolster this delicious recipe. 

Use this blend to add nutritional value to your dog's meal. Made with organic vegetables and greens and freeze-dried to make it easier to feed and transport, this blend can be added to your dog's kibble, raw or homemade meals as a supplement to support and boost the immune system, skin, coat, and overall health.  

  • Raw freeze-dried to lock in nutrients 
  • Travel with our original Just Greens blend!
  • Nettles support muscle & joint health.



Daily Feeding
Add water to Just Greens at a 1:1 ratio. Stir well and let hydrate for 3 minutes. Mix into regular meal.
Our suggested feeding amount accounts for 25% of the standard dry diet. If feeding a fresh food diet with vegetables already added, reduce accordingly. This product is intended for supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

Under 10lbs: 1 tbsp. Just Greens + 1 tbsp. Water
10-25lbs: 3 tbsp. Just Greens + 3 tbsp. Water
25-50lbs: ½ cup Just Greens + ½ cup Water
50-75lbs: 3/4 cup Just Greens + 3/4 cup Water
75+lbs: 1 cup Just Greens + 1 cup Water



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