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Goober PET Ready to Bumble Dog Collar
Goober PET Ready to Bumble Dog Collar

Goober PET Ready to Bumble Dog Collar

Goober Dog Collars

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These collars are made of 100% PET plastic.


  • Making Recycled Plastic Dog Collars, Leashes and Keychains

    A preparation process selects and sorts recycled plastic. Sorted plastic is washed and chopped. The chopped recycled plastic is turned into pellets. Pellets are reshaped and passed through an ultra fine sieve to produce a yarn.
    The yarn is woven and dyed to produce the high tensile designer product available to our customers.

    Benefits of PET
    GooberPET Recycled Plastic Collars and Leashes take far less environmental impact than other virgin inorganic textiles. GooberPET uses 75% less energy than its virgin counterpart. As a result, production reduces GooberPET by 4200kg, Oils by 36.4kg and Water by 6200kg plus it has the added benefit of repurposing a product that was destined for landfill.

 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic.

S (Small): 3/4” wide, adjustable from 9”-12”
M (Medium): 1” wide, adjustable from 11”-16”
L (Large): 1” wide, adjustable from 14”-22”
XL (Extra Large): 1 1/2” wide, adjustable from 16”-25”





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