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Dogs Choice Pure Turkey Frozen Raw Dog Food
Dogs Choice Pure Turkey Frozen Raw Dog Food

Doggy Moggy Pure Turkey Frozen Raw

Dogs Choice

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Alberta locally manufactured, locally sourced, very affordable raw dog food. The blend is lean with no fillers, no additives, no added hormones or antibiotics.

Put the bowl down and see how they appreciate the fresh natural ingredients.

Sold in 1 lb chubs in 40lb bulk case quantities 

Meat is sourced locally in Alberta, from federally inspected facilities. 

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Whole Turkey: 70% meat, 10% Organ, 20% Ground Bone, Hemp Seed

Because this feed is ground, the calcium from the bones is more readily available during digestion.

Comes in a sealed to stay fresh in convenient tube. 

This blend does not include veggies and fruit, therefore is not considered balanced.  However, dogs do not need to eat balanced blend with every meal. Rotation of proteins, blends and brands is recommended for the most well rounded and balanced diet. We'd be happy to assist you in developing a feeding rotation plan.

Recommended Supplementation is with Thrive Herring Oil or Thrive Fortify or Thrive Trimineral Base 


Defrost fully or partially in the fridge or in cold water only. Manufacturer recommends feeding frozen or partially frozen for the best cleaning of teeth. Never not thaw in the microwave. 



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