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How to select a quality raw food brand

     When shopping local at Poochie Moochie Edmonton, you can shop assured that we do extensive research into every brand we carry. We look at their safety guidelines, every ingredient, and the company ethics. We do this so we can answer the questions that our beloved customers ask. Education is something we strive for at our store.

With our brands we look at their nutritional ratio. The ideal ratio is 80/10/10 which is a ratio of, muscle meat to organs to bones. If feeding a dinner formula with fruits and veggies we ensure there is not an excess of fruit and vegetables over 10%

Dogs don’t have a need for carbohydrates in their diet but vegetables contain phytonutrients which they can’t obtain from meat. That along with the fibre content are certainly beneficial.

For cats, we ensure all formulas contain a very low if not any carbohydrate content for these obligate carnivores.

In formulas with vegetables and fruits they are all a fine grind. The finer the grind, the more readily your pets body will absorb the phytonutrients.

Bones act as a source of fiber, but more importantly, they supply calcium, which in co-operation with phosphorus in meat builds and maintains bones and teeth. Calcium plays many other roles in your pet's body including muscle contraction, nerve transmission, and proper blood clotting.

The ratio of calcium to phosphorus should be about 1:1 … but preferably with slightly more calcium than phosphorus.

Phosphorus is essential for things such as kidney function, heartbeat regularity and synthesizing protein which maintains and repairs cells and tissues. It is also the primary function with calcium, in forming bones and teeth.

Raw meat has both phosphorus and calcium but is lower in calcium.

Feeding just a raw meat diet is unsuitable for any dog or cat but especially for puppies and kittens as it can cause skeletal problems.

Calcium deficiency can also cause skeletal demineralization.

Large breeds fed excess calcium are more likely to suffer from developmental bone disease such as osteochondrosis (abnormal bone growth).

Muscle meat is an essential source of protein, amino acids, and water-soluble vitamins. It’s important to note that the heart, tongue, lung and beef tripe are all a muscle meat.

Organ meat is more densely packed with about every other nutrient in comparison to a regular cut of muscle meat.

Organ meat has the highest concentration of natural occurring Vitamin D than any other food source. This vitamin is one of the most important vitamin as deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, fractures, common cancers, autoimmune diseases and infections.

Organ meats also contain high amounts of essential fatty acids and omega 3 fats including EPA and DHA which decreases inflammation. Vitamin A works to aid in digestion and keeps sex orgons/reproductive organs healthy, It is also a powerful antioxidant!

None of our raw food brands contain grain, which are not digestible in raw form. When looking at “budget brand” raw foods, if it’s too good a deal to believe, chances are you’re right! Some raw food brands have been found to add water during processing which makes the weight more. Other raw food formulas contain potatoes, which is a starchy filler and the main purpose is to cut manufacturing costs. They are also an anti nutrient, meaning they can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients.

Every brand we carry uses food based supplements, rather than synthetic vitamins and minerals. Synthetic vitamins, prepared from chemicals instead of nature, are frequently less active biologically than their natural counterparts, thereby reducing any beneficial effect they may have.

So the next time you’re shopping for raw, consider shopping local at Poochie Moochie Edmonton and take comfort of knowing each brand is carefully selected to be in our freezers!

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