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The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet for Dogs



Raw food diets for dogs may seem like another passing fad in pet care but these diets closely resemble what your dog would naturally eat in the wild and fulfills all of their dietary needs.

Here at Poochie Moochie, we believe in providing the best care to your pets and that begins with a healthy diet. Keep reading to find out why you should consider switching your dog to a raw food diet.

What's Wrong With Processed Dog Food?

Even if a commercial dog food claims it "meets nutritional requirements", it is designed to be a convenience food that lasts longer than fresh food.

Think about processed food for humans: we know they are not the healthiest choice for us yet we tend to buy it because it's quick, easy and lasts longer on our pantry shelves.

Same goes for processed dog foods. They are unnatural and not what dogs would eat in the wild.

These foods tend to be full of preservatives and grain additives that are unhealthy for dogs. Grains such as rice, wheat and corn compromise about 50% of processed dog foods and are used simply to hold the food together.

Overall, the majority of processed dog foods have a very low percentage of unhealthy ingredients.

Myths About Raw Food Diets for Dogs

People are sometimes hesitant to switch their dogs to a raw food diet because of the myths that surround this type of food.

MTYH: Bacterial Infections

There's an erroneous belief that raw food diets for dogs will lead to bacterial infections because the food is uncooked.

FACT: Your dog's system is designed to handle bacteria.

Because dogs would naturally eat raw meat in the wild, their saliva has antibacterial properties. Their short digestive tracts and digestive juices also help to kill bacteria quickly.

MYTH: Dogs are omnivores

Most people believe that dogs are omnivores because they will eat anything. The truth is that dogs will eat vegetables and fruits out of opportunity, not necessity.

FACT: They do not require fruits, vegetables, and grain due to dietary needs. 

Anatomically, dogs are carnivores. They are designed to eat meat and this is their only dietary need.

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

1. Physical Benefits

Raw food will help keep your pooch's teeth cleaner and their breath fresher since raw food does not create an excessive tartar build-up.

They will also have less smelly poops. This is because they are absorbing a higher percentage of their food into their system which decreases the amount of waste passing through their bodies.

Raw food diets boost a dog's immune system and promote pancreatic, liver, healthy weight and bowel health.

2. Behavioral Benefits

When dogs dig, chew or beg for food it is an indication that their dietary and nutritional needs are  not being met. Feeding your dog a raw food diet can decrease these behaviors.

A raw food diet can also reduce your dog's negative energy such as hyperactivity.

3. Ailments and Conditions

Raw food diets for dogs can help reduce many common ailments and conditions such as:

  • Obesity
  • Gingivitis
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
  • Arthritis 
  • Skin allergies
  • Ear infections
  • Diabetes

Much like their human counterparts, dogs suffer many unnecessary ailments and conditions due to a poor diet.

Choosing the Right Raw Food Diet

When choosing the right raw food diet for your dog, you want to pay attention to the amount of calcium the food contains as well as the fat content.

Dogs require calcium to promote healthy bones and a healthy nervous system. Raw foods alone don't tend to provide enough calcium but you can do so by supplementing your dog's diet with bones.

Raw diets for dogs should be low in fat, with the majority of the calories coming from meat protein. Consuming too many calories from fat can cause canine obesity and other health issues.

If you're concerned about your dog consuming fruits and vegetables in their diet, you don't have to be. Even though dogs are carnivores, it is okay for them to have small amounts of fruits and vegetables which provides your dog with nutritional benefits such as prebiotics and lutein.

Poochie Moochie recommends a brand like Big Country Raw for all of your dog’s raw diet needs.

For more information about switching your pooch to a raw food diet, please contact us today!

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