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Overweight Dogs and Cats: the dangers and how to prevent naturally

     About 50% of dogs and cats are overweight. It has become so common that when people see a dog or cat that is a healthy weight they think they are underweight. You should be able to feel your pets ribs easily with a thin layer of fat overtop and there should be an indent on their waist. Making a loose fist and running your fingers over that is a good way to compare! 

     When a pet is overweight it increases the risk of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, respiratory disease and more!

The main culprit for pets becoming overweight is the fact that the vast majority of pets are fed kibble. Kibble is high in starch, carbohydrates and sugar. Most kibble is actually higher in carbs than protein.

Like humans, when we eat fast food and junk food, we gain weight. The exact thing happens to pets. Kibble is comparable to eating fast food. Kibble is also highly processed, void of the benefits of fresh food.

The highly-refined carbs in pet food actually make them hungrier, because they are so quickly digested, transported, and absorbed into cells. Which then causes their blood sugar to go down, which triggers hunger hormones. Furthermore, foods high in carbohydrates aren’t healthy for your pet because they can disrupt insulin metabolism, can wreck havoc on the the gut microbiome and create inflammation which leads to tissue and organ degeneration.

Carbohydrates aren’t considered a essential nutrient for dogs and cats, they actually lack the salivary amylase to digest carbohydrates. The main reason that kibble is high in carbohydrates is the fact that using these filler ingredients makes it cheaper for a pet food manufacturer to produce. In a lot of kibble, a lower quality protein is used for the exact same reason.

Kibble diets that are "low calorie" or made for weight loss shouldn’t be your answer. These kibbles are filled with undigestible fiber or powdered cellulose, which is essentially sawdust. These work by giving your pet the feeling of fullness.

When a dog or cat switches to a raw food diet, they will naturally lose excess weight. Because raw food contains whole foods it becomes easier for them to digest and easier for your pet to absorb the nutrients in its food, promoting better overall weight and body condition. This is also why a kibble fed dog vs a raw fed dog has much bigger poops, because the body needs to expel more of the filler junk ingredients. Whereas a raw fed dog and cat will have small, less stinky firmly formed poop. Not only will you see a difference in your pets weight, skin and coat but inside their organs will be functioning better and a healthier gut flora will be established! 
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Here at Poochie Moochie Edmonton we believe that natural fresh foods can significantly decrease and assist in a lot of major diseases such as IBD, Pancreatitis, kidney disease, cancer etc.

If you’re local come visit us and we’ll gladly help you find a solution for your dog or cat or contact us here with any questions regarding your pets health or diet.  

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