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Natural ways to care for your pets kidney


A dog and cat's kidney's work to regulate hydration, release hormones required to produce red blood cells, and remove toxins.

Unfiltered blood, filters through the kidney and the toxins and waste are removed and collected into urine. If a dog experiences kidney failure, the kidneys can no longer perform these functions efficiently. Which can lead to weight loss, nausea, vomiting, loss of balance, blood in urine, lethargy, mouth ulcers, increase or decrease in drinking water and peeing more or less frequently. Your vet will need to diagnose and come up with a treatment plan if you suspect your dog has kidney problems.

Poochie Moochie Edmonton is here to offers ways to prevent kidney damage and tell you how a natural diet and supplements can help your pet manage this disease. 

Most kibble only provides low quality protein which is harder for the kidneys to process. The higher quality protein that an animal is digesting equals less waste left behind for the kidney to eliminate. 

Raw food especially turkey, chicken and duck is the easiest form of meat to digest because the kidney doesn't have to work as hard to digest as it does with kibble.

Secondly, kibble provides your dog with little to no hydration. Raw food can contain up to 70% moisture which ensures your pet is staying hydrated and in turn helps the kidneys function properly.

Easy Peesy 2 by Adored Beast contains herbal ingredients that help support healthy urinary tract and bladder function. Specific probiotic strains help to combat UTI's. Herbs and nutraceuticals work to decrease pain/discomfort in the bladder wall and smooth muscle. Supports the transpiration of bad bacteria out of the bladder through the urine, while slightly decreasing the acidity of urine pH, therefore making conditions less favourable for bacteria growth.

Another highly recommended supplement to give your dog even if they are not suffering from known kidney problems is Liver Tonic by Adored Beast Apocethary. It regenerates healthy liver cells which in turn boosts the ability to filter toxins from their blood. It also helps to support, detox, and repair liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder function. It contains herbal ingredients which include dandelion root which supports bile secretion, healthy digestion and helps to fight inflammation. Milk thistle is also included which protects the liver from effects of heavy metals, drugs and helps the body detoxify after exposure to toxicities such as pesticides, food bacteria and other toxins. Milk thistle works to stabilize liver cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant to protect liver cells from free radical damage.

Phytosynergy by Adored Beast is highly recommended as well as it is a super antioxidant, it also works to improve cellular function, overall resulting in healthier organs.

Here at Poochie Moochie Edmonton we believe that natural fresh foods can significantly decrease and assist in a lot of major diseases such as IBD, pancreatitis, cancer etc. Read our other blogs here on these diseases.

Come visit us and we will gladly try to find a solution for your dog or cat or contact us here with any questions regarding your pets health or diet. 

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