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Natural Pet Healthcare during Spring!

It’s Spring!

That unfortunately means allergies can be in full swing for our furry friends.

Today we want to talk about the best supplements we carry at Poochie Moochie Edmonton to help them have the best itch free spring and summer!

First up is Bee Pollen. Bee pollen is loaded with vitamins, minerals, live enzymes and antioxidants which help to support the body to fight off inflammation.

It also contains Quercetin which is a natural antihistamine and when consumed regularly can help reduce allergic symptoms and reactions.

Secondly, Thrive Bovine Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth and is a rich natural source of macro-and micro-nutrients it can stimulate an under active immune system into dealing with disease and most importantly it can suppress an over active system that results from autoimmune disorders and allergic reactions.

One of the best things you can give your fur baby is a pre/probiotic such as Love Bugs by Adored Beast. The gut is responsible for more than 80% of the immune system, the main component of a healthy gut is the bacteria that lives there.

Love Bugs offers effective and gentle relief for dogs by restoring the balance to bacteria levels in the GI tract which directly improves the immune system functioning.

Unfortunately we live in a world of pollution, and our pets are constantly being exposed to toxins.

Toxins include household cleaners, pesticides, vaccinations, poor diet and unfiltered water just to name a few.

The liver and kidneys break these toxins down and help exit them from the body. Overtime though, they can be impacted by the toxins and start to decline. This puts not just the liver and kidneys at risk, but all of your dog's organs.

Allergies can be related to poor liver function, which reduces the liver's efficiency in cleansing the blood of toxins.

A liver cleanse is highly recommended during spring and then in fall.

Adored Beast Liver Tonic regenerates healthy liver cells which in turn boosts the ability to filter toxins from their blood. It also helps to support, detox, and repair liver, kidney, pancreas and gallbladder function.

It contains herbal ingredients such as, dandelion root which supports bile secretion, healthy digestion and helps to fight inflammation. Milk thistle, which protects the liver from effects of heavy metals, drugs and helps the body detoxify after exposure, it works to stabilize liver cell membranes and acts as an antioxidant to protect liver cells from free radical damage.

Liver/Kidney clean by Four Leaf Rover uses a blend of organic mushrooms, foods and herbs that support and maintain normal liver and kidney function. These are the ingredients and their functions: 

Organic Maitake Mushroom extract supports healthy waste elimination and liver health.

Organ Reishi Mushroom extract scavenges and fights free radicals.

Organic Yellow Duck Root gently cleanses the liver, spleen and kidneys.

Organic Dandelion Root is a kidney tonic that helps the kidneys filter everyday toxins and maintains healthy liver function.

Organic Mushroom Root Extract helps cleanse the kidneys and bladder and supports the mucous membrane of the kidney and digestive tract.

Natural Curcumin can improve lipid metabolism in the kidneys and help produce enzymes that help break down toxins in the liver.

Fleas and ticks are in full swing this time of year in Alberta. Let’s first take a look at the common flea and tick preventions and see why they are potentially unsafe.

We carry Vet’s best flea and tick spray which uses a unique safe essential oil blend of peppermint oil and Eugenio (from clove plants) to kill fleas, flea eggs and ticks by contact. It also repels mosquitoes!

Thrive Diatomaceous Earth is made from finely ground fossil shell flour and is a natural and effective remedy for fleas and worms. It can be ingested or applied topically.

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