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My Dog / Cat Has Struvite Stones

What are struvite stones?

Struvite stones are bladder stones that can develop for dogs and cats. The most common type of stone and is also referred to as a tripe phosphate and or a magnesium ammonium phosphate stone. The magnesium / ammonium phosphate stones are very common elements in urine and also urine concentrate.

What is the urine concentrated?

In concentrated urine these elements bind together to form what is called crystals that can irate and inflame the bladder of your pet. When struvite stones are very large they can lead to a blockage that my end up requiring surgery to have them removed. Almost 85% of female dogs will suffer from struvite stones.

How can you help your dog?

By creating a diluted urine is critical to avoiding any reoccurring crystals or stones for your pet. The best recommendation is to feed you’re dog / cat a moist diet to increase water consumption. Both dogs and cats are mostly feed a dry commercial diet that does not have a lot of sufficient fluid for your pet. The recommendation fluid intake for your dog that feeds on dry food diet would be about 1oz of water for every 1 pound of body weight. With that being said a dog that weights approximately 50lbs should be in-taking at least 50oz of water per day which works out to be 1.5L of water!

Switch your dog to raw food will provide so many more benefits, it will provide the needed moisture. Big Country Raw food that we carry is 60% -70% moisture and that is what your pet needs to prevent struvite stones.

Fun fact did you know that the ancestral canine diet only contains about 80% approximately of moisture.

Dry food diets consisting of carbohydrates especially the ones that have potatoes and grain can contain high alkaline urine. Cats and dogs are meant to eat foods that are based with meat protein diet that causes more acidic urine. Your pet’s ideal urine should be a pH 6.0 - 6.5 this can be achieved when they are feed on a rich meat based protein diet. Urine at a perfect pH level of 6.0 - 6.5 is also sterile. Alkaline urine is more hospitable environment for the infection to occur. When the urine pH is alkaline the minerals settle out of the urine and that will form crystals. When these two factors contribute to formation of struvite stones.

 What are the best proteins?

The best proteins for dogs to eat that are not inclined to develop crystals and struvite are meats that are white meats like poultry. Also try to avoid large amounts of red meats proteins and organ meats such as bison, kangaroo, venison and elk. These foods are not recommended because they are red meat proteins and organ meats.

Best recommend foods would be rabbit, chicken. turkey, salmon, duck and lamb. Did you know that adding cranberries to your dog’s diet is actually very beneficial for dogs with urinary tract health concerns. Big Country Raw Dinners that we carry contain cranberries this will not cure existing infections, but will indeed help prevent any bacteria from adhering to the tissue that lines with the urinary tract and the bladder.

You can also try supplementing your pets diet with Big Country Raw Fruit and Vegetable Blend or the Super Food Blend are great ways to add the additional vegetables and fruits to their diet. Those additions can be beneficial in replacing trace minerals that are not found in red meats or organ meats.

Take the time to monitor your pets urine pH. This will help you determine your pets urinary and bladder health. You can purchase pH strips at Aquarium Illusions or any pool or hot tub locations. When switching diets, it is recommended that you do check your dogs urine pH regularly to ensure the levels are between 6.0 -6.5. When the urine pH levels are correct the formation of the stones and crystals are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Make sure to increase water consumption and regularly empty the bladder is also good for pets that have previously been diagnosed with struvite stones. Try adding goats milk, yogurt, bone broth, kefir and water to your pets food to increase the amount of moisture intake. Only do this if your pets has access to outdoors to empty their bladder regularly will also ensure a better bladder health.

 For more information on struvite stones, feel free to contact Poochie Moochie today!

For more information on Big Country Raw Dog Food and information on struvite stones please follow the link.

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