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Importance of Organ Meat in your dog's diet

One of the best ways to up the nutrition value of a raw food bowl is by introducing organ meat!

  • Organ meat is more densely packed with about every other nutrient in comparison to a regular cut of muscle meat.
  • Organ meats contain Vitamin D, which is one of the most important vitamins as deficiency can lead to muscle weakness, fractures, common cancers, autoimmune diseases, and infections. Organ meat has the highest concentration of naturally occurring Vitamin D than any other food source. 
  • Organ meat also contains a high amount of essential fatty acids and omega 3 fats including EPA and DHA, which decreases inflammation. 
  • Vitamin A works to aid in digestion and keeps sex organs/reproductive organs healthy. It is also a powerful antioxidant!

Let’s talk about the most nutritionally dense organs 

Liver is one of the most concentrated sources of Vitamin A.  Liver is also a great source of folic acid and B vitamins, which help with fatigue, mental ability, and nerve health, as well as preventing anemia. Iron is packed in the liver, which is necessary for many functions such as brain development and function, body temp regulation, muscle activity, and metabolism. It also helps to prevent dementia.

Beef Spleen contains high amounts of iron, which helps to provide oxygen to the organs and muscles. When a dog is iron deficient they can become lethargic and more prone to diseases and illness. The spleen also contains high levels of Vitamin B12, which is needed for a healthy nervous system and brain function, as well as for the healthy production of red blood cells.

Beef heart contains selenium, which is important for thyroid health. Phosphorus, required for healthy teeth, bones, and metabolism. Zinc, which is important for immune system function and helps to protect against infection. Those paired with essential amino acids help to build muscle, store energy, and boost stamina.  The heart contains twice as much collagen and elastin than regular meat, which is important for healthy joints.

So what are some ways to include organ meats in your dogs diet?

Feeding Big Country Raw Dinners such as BCR Beef Dinner, which are NRC certified, fully balanced formula with no supplementation required. BCR dinners consist of 80% meat, 10% ground bone, 10% organ meat, and 10% fruits and vegetables.  

Big Country Raw Beef Organ Blend is a perfect way to add those nutrients to your pups diet.

Another way to give them to your dog is by putting them into frozen treat molds. For the first layer scoop beef organ blend into the mold filling halfway, allow to set in the freezer for 30 minutes.  After, fill the remaining mold with raw goat milk, which is a probiotic powerhouse, a nutritious and cooling treat for these hot summer days!

Come into Poochie Moochie Edmonton to learn more ways to up the nutrition of your pets food or contact us!

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