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How to improve your dog's dental health

Unfortunately, over 80% of dogs will experience some form of dental disease in their life. When a dog is fed a diet that mainly consists of kibble it can lead to the rapid growth of oral bacteria due to the high levels of carbohydrates which turn into sugar.

 Some kibble is targeted towards cleaning teeth but the fact is that, it is actually causing more harm than good, the larger kibble size harms the teeth enamel as well as it leaves a layer of debris which leaves the dog bad breath and in just a few days it turns into tartar.                                                                     

Dog’s have teeth meant for ripping and tearing raw meat and bones. Raw food is the only diet for dogs which contains naturally occurring enzymes that help protect the teeth and gums. Enzymes reduce harmful bacteria which allows the beneficial bacteria to flourish! Raw meaty bones such as BCR flat rib bones, chicken necks or turkey feet are a healthy treat and the best teeth cleaning all in one! When dogs chew a raw bone it gives excellent abrasive action because they tear and crunch into it. Raw bones also consist of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Those three go together with providing healthy teeth and bones!

Other ways to get dog’s teeth in perfect shape as pictured above are with products from Poochie Moochie Edmonton. Brushing your dog's teeth with a toothbrush such as the Wag & Bright toothbrush paired with the Wag & Bright puppy polish toothpaste. It contains ingredients such as baking soda, and coconut oil. Baking soda has antibacterial properties and helps to scrub away debris.  Coconut oil has been shown to be effective in reducing oral bacteria, and decreasing plaque buildup. 

Secondly, Plaque Buster’s are a limited ingredient treat made with oyster shells and coconut oil which help to remove plaque build up.

Lastly, long lasting natural chews such as Open Range bully sticks or Unbelievabulls will also help remove plaque build up. A little hack you can also do is to put some toothpaste on the end and play some tug of war whilst scrubbing the paste along your pup’s gum line!

Come into Poochie Moochie Edmonton for products to improve your pup’s dental health or contact us here with any other questions pertaining to your dog’s diet!

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