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Collapsed Trachea in Dog’s

     Your dog’s trachea is made out of cartilage. When that cartilage becomes weak the walls close in on themselves which blocks air from getting in.
It’s a tough condition to watch your furry friend deal with as it presents in coughing attacks, irregular breathing, gagging, low energy or even fainting from the lack of oxygen.

A collapsing trachea is a condition that can occur at any point in a dog’s life and some can even be born with it!

Certain dog breeds are more prone to it, especially toy breeds.

Other than breed disposition other causes can be, obesity, heart disease, dental problems, cigarette exposure, respiratory diseases or just general poor health throughout their life.

Unfortunately this condition doesn’t have a cure but there are ways to manage it and help them alleviate some painful symptoms. A few things that you can do for your dog are:

1. Maintaining a healthy weight. Overweight dogs are more prone to suffering from the strain of extra weight that is put on their respiratory system. Feeding a diet that is high in carbs and starches, which are the main ingredients in kibble, will lead to weight gain and puts more strain on your dogs organs because it has to filter out more junk.

     We highly recommend switching to an all natural, fresh food, raw diet. Feeding raw also boosts a dog's immune system due to the high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!  It is also a soft food, which will go down their throat easily.

 2. Reduce any air toxins in your home. Smoking, air fresheners, candles   and other fragrances all put a strain on your pet’s respiratory system and trachea. Domestic pets have highly sensitive senses and an exposure to unclear air can have serious adverse effects. Having an air purifier in your home is an excellent idea and a HEPA filter can remove tiny particles as small as 0.3, which allows your pet and yourself to breathe easier! 

3. Detox! No matter how clean your house is your dog will be constantly exposed to toxins. We recommend doing a liver cleanse twice a year, in the spring and fall. Liver tonic by Adored Beast contains herbal ingredients such as Milk Thistle which helps to regenerate healthy liver cells which in turn boosts the ability to filter toxins from their blood. As well as supports and repairs the liver, kidney, pancreas, and gallbladder function. It also contains Dandelion Root which supports bile secretion, healthy digestion and helps to fight inflammation. 

4. Avoid neck strain.
For any dog we highly recommend using a harness to ensure there is no pressure on their neck or windpipe. An example of a great harness is the Julius k9 Power Harness. The harness evenly distributes the power to the dog’s chest instead of the neck, greatly reducing stress.

5. Offer glucosamine rich food and treats. Chondroitin and glucosamine supplements are great additives for your dogs diet to support their cartilage. An excellent treat option is beef trachea because it’s super high in cartilage and is loaded with chondroitin and glucosamine. Raw chicken, turkey and duck feet are other excellent options as a chicken foot contains about 400 mg of glucosamine!

6. Natural supplements to minimize coughing. Slippery Elm contains tannins that soothe and reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and heals the internal and mucosal tissues. Another option would be Marshmallow Root. It loosens mucus, inhibits bacteria and eases dry coughs while creating mucilage to coat irritated throats. Adored Beast Gut Soothe has a pre & probiotic base, which is always an excellent idea for any dog but especially a dog dealing with any health issues as it will strengthen their immune system. Gut Soothe also contains a blend of blend of anti-inflammatory herbs and nutraceuticals including Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root! (For severe cases we do suggest giving Slippery Elm straight up to immediately relieve coughing).   
A lot of prescribed medications can have serious side affects. If you haven’t already read our blog on the microbiome, read it here. It goes more into depth on the damage that pharmaceuticals can do on our pets little bodies.

Here at Poochie Moochie Edmonton, we exclusively sell raw because we believe that a species appropriate diet can compliment any course of action for overall health!  

If you're local, we'd love to see you and help you tailor a diet that works for your dog or cat! If you're not, please feel free to contact us here with any nutritional questions or follow us on social media @Poochiemoochieinc

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