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Hero Kangaroo Tailbone
Hero Kangaroo Tailbone

Hero Kangaroo Tailbone

Hero Dog Treats

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By the age of 3, up to 80% of dogs develop some degree of dental disease - most commonly tartar buildup. Dental disease destroys the tissue and bone structures in your pup’s mouth. The marrow in Bones is mainly composed of calcium and phosphorous to aid their bone structure. Additionally, by gnawing on a Bone for 30 minutes a day, your dog is able to scrape away tartar buildup on their teeth by nearly 70%. Kangaroo Bones provide a great bone and meat mix; with Kangaroo meat being one of the leanest meats on the market! As Kangaroo is a unique protein, it has many hypoallergenic properties that are excellent for pups with allergies to Beef or Chicken. Kangaroo is low fat and great for the heart, so it only makes sense that Roo Bones are the way to go!



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