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Dog'n It Exotic Elk and Wildberry 454g
Dog'n It Exotic Elk and Wildberry 454g

Dog'n It Exotic Elk and Wildberry 454g

Foley Dog Treats

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Dog'n it - There's nothing dog'n it about these treats! 

Novel Proteins of Elk. Perfect for the food sensitive dog or dogs with protein allergies to the most common protein sources. 

  • 100% Holistic Ingredients
  • Low in fat
  • High in fibre
  • No added fat, salt, sugar, artificial flavours or colours
  • Baked for optimum flavour retention
  • Compliments a Raw Food Diet
  • Non Medicated hormone and injection free meats
  • Crunchy snack, but not too hard for seniors 

In a generous 454 gm size bag with a very reasonable price

3 Important Facts about Dog'n it Treats

1) A Canadian made, grain free treat that has nothing to do with anything that is manufactured, produced, made, packaged, or shipped from China.  Foley Dog Treats are all made in Nanaimo, BC. We source everything locally, within BC or Canada where possible. 

2) A treat that is gluten free.  Dogs can get red sore spots, gooie eyes, diarrhea, and a host of other symptoms from treats and food that is processed and preserved with questionable ingredients. At Foley’s we make our treats from simple unprocessed ingredients. 

3) Grain Free dog treats made with antibiotic and hormone free meats. Treats that have antioxidant and nutrient dense formulas that also have no preservatives, corn,  soy or added salt, sugar or colour. 

My Experience: Personally I look for a single protein novel protein treat. Because I have one dog with food sensitivities, I have to stay away from chicken & beef. These treats really fit the bill and Diesel loves them. I like a bit of the crunch too because at 13 yrs old his teeth could use a bit of a crunchy treat. They aren't too hard for him like some treats are. Gracie Loo loves them too. So if my pups love them, so do I. Lori



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