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Dharma Dog Karma Cat Christmas Tree - White
Dharma Dog Karma Cat Christmas Tree - White

Dharma Dog Karma Cat – Christmas Tree - White

dharma Dog Karma Cat

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Give your Cat or Small Dog a luxurious one of a kind bed to cozy up in. These 100% wool beds are handcrafted in Nepal 

These cute Holiday Tree Beds are the perfect present and conversation piece in your home.  Your cat or small dog will want it all year round! The tree beds provide a safe, warm haven and can help your pet feel secure. The tree is approximately 14″ in diameter and 24″ high and is roomy for pets up to 12 lbs and cozy for those up to 16 lbs.

Why are these beds so special?

The unique wool blend has lots of Himalayan Wool which hasn't been chemically cleansed and retains its' natural lanolin oil.

So, What's the big deal with Lanolin?

  • The scent naturally attracts and soothes pets, it reminds them of the scent of their mother.
  • It is anti-microbial and odor resistant, and it helps keep itself clean
  • Lanolin rich wool works to regulate temperature, so it warms in the winter and cools in the sumer

What else makes these beds great?

  • All dyes used are Azo-Free (no toxic chemicals) in a low impact process which uses cold water and less of it.
  • Dharma Dog Karma Cat products are made with as few materials and as few manufacturing steps as possible
  • No used wool is ever used in the making of their products
  • The making of these beds employ many skilled artisans and they are paid higher than average wage, and the workshops are monitored for good labour practices. 
  • The use of Natural Fibers are sustainable and better for our environment

How do I care for my new pet bed?

The lanolin in the wool is odor resistant and anti-microbial which helps keep our products naturally clean. All product labels include care instructions. They can be spot cleaned, vacuumed, and is very soiled can be washed in cold gentle cycle and air dried.

More about who makes these lovely beds .... Your bed was handcrafted with love by women artisana in Nepal, and your purchase supports them and their families with a fair living wage and a secure working environment. 

Congratulations on your wonderful purchase to adore your home and give your cat or dog a very special place to relax



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