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A look at the world's first dog boot legging: Walkee Paws!

Are you looking for a dog boot that doesn't fall off? Or one that protects your dogs legs as well as their paws? Poochie Moochie Edmonton may have the right thing for you!

Walkee Paws may be your answer! This is by far the best boot design that I have seen and we have had many success stories from all of the fittings we've done over the month! 

Walkee Paws have a unique patented design that goes over your dogs back, each boot is labelled so you know exactly which boot to put on right paw.

They feature leggings that have a smooth cotton lining which prevent nail tears while also providing insulation, comfort, and durability. It takes 30 seconds top to slide onto your dogs legs!

The soft moulded boots mirror your dogs foot shape and are made out of TPE rubber which is eco friendly, non toxic and can withstand heat up to 150 degrees celsius and cold up to -40 degrees celsius! For an extra layer of insulation we recommend the Walkee Paw's liner socks.

The fabric is water resistant which makes it perfect to keep your dogs feet dry during the mucky spring weather, clean from snow and protect against snowmelt chemicals.

After all of the paws are in you can adjust each of the straps to ensure the length is adjusted properly. The heart connector has a strong grip to keep the back leggings securely in place. Included is also an elastic detachable collar connector to help them from sliding down.

How do you measure Walkee Paws?

The best way to get an accurate measurement is by tracing their front paw width on a piece of paper and measuring the width with a measuring tape. Next you want to measure the height of your dog, start from their paws on the ground and measure up to their shoulder blade.

Come and see us at Poochie Moochie Edmonton to get a professional fitting or shop online using the method above to measure your dog! 

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We ship from Canada, throughout Canada and the USA!

Please contact us with any questions regarding sizing. 


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